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Brace Therapy

Brace Therapy

Custom ankle braces called, ankle foot orthotics (AFO), are available at Ankle and Foot Clinics Northwest. These devices can help to increase mobility, prevent falls, improve gait, and decrease pain.

Several forms of custom foot and ankle orthotics are available depending on the condition. Examples include:

  • Arizona brace
  • Moore Balance Brace
  • Ritchie Brace
  • Posterior leaf AFO
  • Off Loading Leg Brace

Conditions for which a custom foot and ankle orthotic would be appropriate:

  • Dropfoot
  • History of Falls
  • Ankle Instability
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • Severe Pes Cavus Foot
  • Adult Acquired Flatfoot
  • Many more…

After being evaluated by one of our physicians and we will recommend a brace that meets your needs. We take custom molds of your lower extremity and once received we ensure that it fits you properly.





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