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Cross Over Toe

cross over toe

What is Crossover Toe?

Crossover toe is a bothersome condition involving the second toe that leans towards the big toe and ultimately may begin to cross over and rest on top of the big toe. It is a progressive condition that generally seen in adults.


Crossover toe, also referred to as plantar plate tear, is caused when the ligaments supporting the 2nd toe joint weakens with time, or tears with sudden injury or repetive stress. To cross over it suggests that the ligament weakening is partial on the lateral side of the joint. Mechanical deficiencies or abnormal foot structure or often can be idenified with careful examination.

Associated Symptoms?

If you have crossover toe, you will likely experience:

  • Persistent ball of the foot pain.
  • Swelling at ball of foot behind second toe
  • Skin irritation on big toe and/or 2nd toe
  • Waded up feeling under foot
  • Pain that worsens with activity
  • Shoe related pain or pain with hardfloors walking barefoot

It is not uncommon to have a cross-over toe develop in conjuction with big toe abnormalities such as bunion formation.

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