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Dancers Fracture

Dancers Fracture

What is a Dancer’s fracture?

A dancer’s fracture is a fracture in the shaft of the fifth metatarsal bone. Like the name implies this fracture is common in dancers but can occur during any inversion injury.

Symptoms of a Dancer’s fracture

  • Feeling or hearing a “pop.”
  • Swelling and bruising towards the outside of the forefoot
  • Discomfort with weightbearing

What is the treatment of a dancer’s fracture?

Unlike a Jones fracture, a dancer’s fracture usually heals very well and surgery is usually not needed. Typically, a patient may be weightbearing in a removable cast boot for six weeks after a dancers fracture.  Serial X-rays are performed to check the healing progress.

Is surgery ever needed?

Sometimes if the fracture fragments are displaced very far apart, surgery may be considered. In this case, usually the patient is non-weightbearing for two weeks followed by protected weightbearing in a cast boot for an additional four weeks.

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