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Go 3-D Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics rely on precise design and fit to give patients the best results for their foot or ankle needs. Integrative Foot & Ankle Centers of Washington is now offering Go 3-D orthotics, custom orthotics that are created using state-of-the-art technology that captures thousands of data points that the human eye could never perceive. This individualized data is then used to produce an orthotic that is unsurpassable in fit and quality.

Go 3-D orthotics are created with the help of Fitstation by HP and the Gait Plate. Fitstation, a high-resolution, medical-grade 3D scanner, allows us to create a detailed 3D scan of the feet and lower legs. The Gait Plate uses 40,000 sensors to scan and analyze a patient’s gait, letting us see how exactly weight is distributed while walking.

The combined data we receive allows us to then produce the optimal orthotic for the patient and their specific concerns.

Go 3-D orthotics are created using a unique biomechanical lattice design, allowing practitioners to design with extreme precision. Orthotics are also thin and lightweight, reducing bulkiness while still maintaining the required support.

3-D Custom Orthotics

3-D Custom Orthotics

3D Printing in the USA

HP 3D printers take the electronic data sent from our office and turn it into a unique and customized orthotic device.

Greener Custom Orthotics

Go 3-D orthotics are also more environmentally friendly compared to traditional orthotics, as they:

  • Require NO use of casting boxes or plaster molds to dispose of.
  • Eliminate the need to ship foot molds to the printing center, as all instructions are sent digitally. This cuts the carbon footprint costs of shipping in half.
  • NO waste in the fabrication process as the orthotic devises are made directly from powder nylon beads.

Are Go 3-D Orthotics Right For You?

With Go 3-D custom orthotics, we offer our patients the best custom orthotics ever.

If you would like to learn more about how custom orthotics can help you, please call our office at (425) 822-7426

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