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Jones Fracture

Jones Fracture

What Is a Jones Fracture?

A Jones fracture is in the fifth metatarsal base, in a specific area has reduced blood flow and is prone to difficulty in healing. Jones fractures can occur from a distinct injury or repetitive trauma.


Pain, bruising, swelling, and/or tenderness on the outside of the foot.


X-rays will be taken initially and sometimes other studies such as an MRI or CT may be needed.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Self directed treatment for a Jones fracture consists of rest, ice, compression and elevation (R.I.C.E.).  You should be evaluated as soon as possible after the injury by a foot and ankle specialist.  A splint will usually be applied initially to stabilize the fracture until swelling decreases. If surgery is not a good option for you, you may be placed in cast. Often a device called a bone stimulator will be recommended which can aid in bone healing.

Surgical Treatment

Most of the time, surgery is recommended due to the poor blood supply to this area of the fifth metatarsal bone.  This involves an incision overlying the fracture and stabilization with hardware such as a screw or plate. Sometimes a very small plug of bone graft is taken from the heel and placed across the fracture, which aids in healing. The foot and ankle specialist will determine the type of procedure that is best suited to the individual patient. Trust the specialists at Ankle & Foot Clinic for your Jones fracture. We are your Seattle area foot doctor and Jones fracture expert from Bothell to Everett, Smokey Point to Arlington, and Mill Creek to Mukilteo.

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