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Metatarsus Adductus C Shaped Foot

Metatarsus Adductus C Shaped Foot

What is Metatarsus Adductus?

Metatarsus adductus is an in-toeing of the front of the foot generally present at birth. As one looks at the sole of the foot there is a "C-shaped" appearance.  It can occur in an isolated fashion or along with another congenital deformity such as clubfoot. There are varying degrees of deformity ranging from mild to severe depending on how much in-toeing is present and whether it’s
flexible or stiff.

Will my Child Need Surgery?

Not all metatarsus adductus deformities require surgery and some require no treatment at all. The treatment of metatarsus adductus will vary depending on severity of the deformity and age of the patient. Mild metatarsus adductus in infants will often resolve without treatment.

Moderate to severe deformities in infants can be treated with serial casting which involves manipulating the foot and maintaining the correction in a plaster cast that is changed weekly. Serial casting is more effective when implemented earlier after birth.

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