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Snowboarders Fracture

Snowboarders Fracture

What is a Snowboarder’s fracture?

The talus is the lower bone that makes up the ankle joint and the top bone that makes up the subtalar joint. Fractures of the lateral process of the talus are also known as  a snow boarders fracture as they are seen commonly in this sport. These fractures may also occur during a motor vehicle accident, while stepping in a hole, and during a fall.

What should I do if I think I may have fractured my talus?

If you are unable to bear weight on the injured foot, you will require an X-ray as soon as possible. It is important that a splint be applied as soon as possible to control swelling. A CT scan will usually be taken for preoperative planning.

Do all snowboarder’s fractures require surgery?

Not all snowboarder’s fractures require surgery. If the fracture is very small or if it is larger but not displaced, non-weightbearing immobilization in a cast is recommended for 6 weeks.

Surgical treatment

The prognosis for lateral talar process fractures is usually very good. If a small fracture continues to be painful after conservative treatment, it can be removed. If a larger fracture occured and it is displaced, surgery is usually recommended to reduce the fracture and hold in place with a screw while it heals. After an open reduction with internal fixation of a lateral talar process fracture, the patient is immobilized, nonweightbearing in a cast is for around 6 weeks.

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