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Victoria Posternak

Dr. Burakovskiy kindly and highly professionally helped me after the unfortunate snowmobile accident by providing timely assessment and diagnosis of ankle fracture. His staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate, his office is equipped with cutting edge technology - I am so grateful for the greatest care ever at the very vulnerable time of my life!

Kineta Langford

The appointment was perfect, They knew exactly how to treat the problem. The problem took about a month. Would return and tell others to come for care if needed.

Karri Gallant

Everyone is very friendly. I like that they are upfront about prices so there are no surprises. Relaxing atmosphere and clean. Would recommend!

Theresa Colonna

I suffered for 2 years with chronic & severe bilateral foot pain after bilateral foot injuries. I had been through multiple physical therapy programs, met with multiple orthopedic specialists, and podiatrists in Boston with little to no improvement before moving to Seattle. After my move, because of the logistics and labor of moving, my pain was at an all time high, walking and standing were unbearable. To say I was skeptical anyone could help me when I walked into Integrative Foot & Ankle Centers that first day is an understatement. Dr. Burakovskiy reviewed my medical records, listened to my current issues and developed a treatment plan that required some time and commitment with many visits. I honestly didn’t believe I would see results, but was willing to try anything at that point. I put in the time, completed the treatment and gradually started tolerating more and more on my feet until, one day, for the first time in 2 years I was able to walk and stand without pain. I still have pain that creeps in here and there as I continue to progress with activity and fitness, but I am so very grateful for the treatment I received and Dr. Burakovskiy’s commitment to helping me.

Axton Burton

Doctor Burakovskiy is so great! I went in with questions about the differences between the minimally invasive bunion surgery and the standard bunion surgery, and he explained in detail the differences between the two. I went with the minimally-invasive one which worked out better than I could have ever imagined! Instead of having 2 or more months of bed rest and taking off of work, I only had to take off 3 weeks before I was back to work and walking my dogs. Instead of a 4-inch scar on my foot I now have 2, 3mm incisions, which 3 weeks after the surgery I can only visibly see one! Pain has been close to zero, and I didn't have to take any pain meds. I'm so happy I found this doctor and will definitely be recommending him to anyone with foot and ankle problems!

Roxanne Dubarry

I am very well satisfied with the excellent care the Integrative Foot & Ankle centers of Washington located in Everett has provided me all of these many years. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Tony Miranda

Everyone there is friendly and caring. Dr. B really made sure I understood what was going on with my feet and made sure I was taken care of.

Ashley Taylor

Both Dr. Burakovskiy and Dr. Cullen are amazing! I’ve seen them both many times. I have plantar fasciitis and had a terrible spree of ingrown toenails because I was wearing the wrong shoes. I’m happy to say I’m completely ingrown free and have a treatment plan for my plantar fasciitis! They are both very funny and knowledgeable and they make you feel completely comfortable! I have even referred friends and family to them and they also love them too!

James Hamilton

Highly Recommend! Staff and Dr, were Awesome! Healed Faster and Better than Same surgery on other foot previously! Wish I found them Sooner! All Good!

Anne Sela

So grateful to Dr. Burakovskiy for knowing exactly what to do for my extreme foot pain. I am now able to stand up straight, no limp and no foot pain. It is such an incredible euphoric feeling. Thank you, Dr. B. for being the best surgeon ever, for your knowledge and intelligence and your professionalism, compassion and conscientiousness.

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